Now accepting applications for the "Great Pharaoh's" Litter!

To reserve your puppy and puppy pick position below, you must first complete the "Puppy Application" / Info above in the navigation area and submit the application before your puppy pick position can be established through payment. We will then contact you within 48 hours to discuss application approval and payment submission to secure your puppy and puppy pick position. Puppy pick positions are determined in the order we receive the Non-Refundable Reservation Deposits of $300 AND the submission of your "Puppy Application."   

Keep in mind that Buyers who have a prior pick than you can change their minds as it does happen ALL the time, so for instance like with our last litter the Buyer did not get the puppy she really wanted so she forwarded her deposit to the next litter. They are now in a better puppy pick position. We say this because we don't want you to be discourage being towards the bottom of the puppy pick list. Because like I said, buyers change their minds all the time. They could even back out because they decided on another puppy from another Breeders litter etc. If this happens, then the buyer loses their deposit or they can forward it to the next litter we are to have and then you are automatically bumped up into a better puppy pick position.

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Mini's or Toy Aussies are NOT Australian Shepherds!

The Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds (or North American Shepherds)

It is our responsibility to educate potential buyers about the rise or movement to breed miniature and toy "versions" of the Australian shepherd in that they are crossbred designer dogs bred solely for profit.

The Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds (or North American Shepherds)

Are NOT recognized OR considered varieties of the Australian Shepherd by the following organizations. They may be able to enter e.g., With AKC, as a mixed breed dog would need to enroll into their "Canines Partner Program." but it doesn't mean just because they are in AKC event that they are Australian Shepherds.

  • The American Kennel Club
  • The United Kennel Club
  • The Australian Shepherd Club of America
  • Continental Kennel Club, Inc.

Since these dogs are NOT AKC, UKC, ASCA or CKC they cannot be verified as purebred, and therefore are not considered Australian shepherds!

Central Oregon Australian Shepherds beliefs & Philosphoy's

Both my husband and I are hobby breeders breeding beautiful Australian Shepherds in Bend Oregon. We both enjoy our life together raising these beautiful dogs and watching them grow and being part of the Australian Shepherd community while also actively campaigning our boys and girls as well.  

My husband is already retired from one career he spent 30 years at. After his retirement we moved to Bend, Oregon from Portland, Oregon to retire. He soon realized the need for Bus Drivers within our new community so he decided to work for the Bend/Lapine School District. 

With the support of my husband, I'm also retired and fortunate enough to be a stay at home dog Mom raising the bred we both love while also having an active lifestyle with our Boys and Girls.   

We are not a breeder who breeds for profit by having many litters down on the ground available for buyers to buy due to demand. Our integrity as a Breeder is extremely important to us by focusing on breeding for the better while also producing a well rounded balanced dog with great temperament and structure. Our dogs are great companions while also having strong herding and guardian instincts. We also provide all of our buyers a lifetime of breeder support, and from time to time we offer complimentary Healthy Start Puppy Packs from Life's Abundance. We also microchip every puppy with Home Again. 

We cannot wait until you join the Central Oregon Packers (COP's). Join our family today!

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By reading or using this website, you understand and agree that your use of our website is entirely at your own risk and that any information within our website is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care. If you suspect your dog has any health issues, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

If you do not agree with our statement, please don't use our website. We also have the right to update or website at any time without notice. We do however make a note as to when the website was last updated below.

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Breeders will ALWAYS have the option of 1st puppy pick position with ALL of their litters!

We value your opinion

It is important to us that your  overall experience with our kennel is superior. If you are one of our past customers, please give us a rating here to help others determine in purchasing a beautiful Australian Shepherd from our small kennel. Thank you!