Smarty & Roxy litter due - January 2019.

Now accepting applications for our next litter!

We offer Delta Pet Animal Transport "Nationally only"

An airplane that Australian Shepherd breeders use to transport puppies

$500 flat fee!

Delta ensures your puppy's travel will be safe with their personalized service pet care every step of your puppy's journey. 

As your Breeder, we will offer   

Enhanced GPS

You will get GPS tracking for the best transparency during shipping. 

According to Delta, the GPS features:

  1. Temperature monitoring
  2.  Light detection
  3.  Humidity readings
  4.  Real-time location tracking also provide you access to GPS on demand, real time tracking of your puppy."  When the plan is up in the air however, the GPS will not work. It is only when it takes off and lands that it is tracked. 

        We do however prefer that you fly here to pick up your puppy and then fly back home with your puppy instead of the puppy flying by itself, your choice. The closest airport to our location is the Redmond Airport.

 When clicking the "More" link above, scroll down to where it says "Delta Pet Travel" and if you have been given access to this information, simply enter your email address and scroll down to where it says "Travel with your pet state to state."  This will explain the necessary protocols we must follow in shipping your puppy to you.  If you're one who is still hesitant about the travels of your puppy this way, according to Puppy Spot........ 


"Injury, loss or death are extremely uncommon in pet air travel.

Most pet-related travel incidents are related to pets who already had a medical condition, or were traveling in a crate that did not meet the airline's requirements. Millions of pets travel safely in airplane cargo compartments each year."  

New products are coming soon!

We offer both "Pet Companion" & "Performance Quality" pups!

Welcome to Central Oregon Aussies, (COA). Our luxury but practical home style kennel is located in beautiful Central Oregon where the city was once named "Dog Town U.S.A." by Dog Fancy Magazine. The Pierce's along with their daughter Kylie McClain (Kyvette Aussies who has her own separate kennel) are small "Australian Shepherd Hobby Breeders" priding themselves in brains, beauty and genetically sound Aussies while also adhering to ASCA's breeding standards.

Our practical home style kennel, focus's on the genetic testing of our breeding stock along with annual eye exams by an Ophthalmologist and obtaining (x-ray's) for any possible Hip Dysplasica (HD) or Elbow Dysplasia to then be sent off to the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) for their observation and test results. 

For Buyers, it is good to know that (HD) is a disease commonly perceived to be a disorder of larger dogs like the Australian Shepherd. Even if both the Sire (father) or the Bitch (mother) of your puppy is clear of (HD), this only means your puppy is highly unlikely to get the disease. It does not mean that they are 100% clear of the disease or that they will not get the disease at all. The best we can do as a responsible breeder is to monitor our stock by teaming up with our partners at (OFA). As a newer breeder, we will be able to identify our lines natural traits over time. Our very first litter to our kennel was the "The Black Tri Affair" born May 3, 2018...a Smarty and Roxy cross but will only be sold on Limited Registrations and registered through ASCA only! The foundation of our kennel (in where those lines will continue) will begin with the Smarty and Roxy Litter as we plan to work on titling this line ourselves to prove their overall beauty, performance and intelligence. We of course are always looking for a performance homes with their litter in which we can help guide you in gaining their titles. Then UKC Tri-Smith's Paint The Town DNA-VP and a future Bitch (who has not been purchased yet) and Tri-Smith's Lake Over In Georgia "Towanda" and a (Hired Stud who we have not yet determined) puppies will be sold on both Limited and Full Registrations, but only the Tri-Smith lines of our kennel for now. 

In order to provide our dogs the space they need, we had to convert our family room into a luxury but practical home style kennel that is completely functional for mamma and her puppies along with it being functional for the rest of the pack as well. We do eventually plan to purchase acreage and build a new home but until then, this works. All of our breeding stock are raised in our home and not outside in kennels. While mamma and puppies have their own space, the other pack can come and go as they please as they all have access to their adjoining outdoor play area with a swimming pool (for those hot summer days) and being able to also come back inside as well to take a nap or to check out what's going on in the kennel area if we have a litter on the ground at that time. In the winter, we drain our swimming pool of its water and replace it with a Christmas Tree so our dogs can enjoy the festive holidays of Christmas with us outdoors as this is our favorite time of year in sharing with each other. 

We would like to bring to the attention of any buyer thinking about purchasing a puppy from our kennel that many buyers have the color combination or eye color of the Aussie they have in mind in advance.  You would be surprised that this is really NOT the way to pick out your puppy. You want to pick a puppy that is going to fit your lifestyle, NOT by choosing it's coat or eye color. You can certainly let us know what you would prefer, but just know that this is NOT the best way in picking out your puppy. Here at Central Oregon, when puppies reach 4 weeks of age, you will be invited in our home to visit all of the puppies so that you can get a better sense of how different each one is. If you are unable to visit them at that time, no worries as we will have weekly videos on our website for you to follow in watching them grow before they head off to their forever home with you. 

Puppies will be sold on either Limited or Full Registrations. Limited Registrations, buyers will be required to spay or neuter the puppy at no earlier than 10 months of age and or no later than 2 years old. Through the support of our mentors with our Tri-Smith lines, we will offer Full Registrations but on "Co-Ownership contracts only! We understand we are a newer breeder while also understanding that we must prove ourselves, which we plan to do over time. Breeders purchasing on a "Co-Ownership" contract must actively campaign the dog in pursuit of its AKC/ASCA and or /UKC Championship.

The puppy you choose will come to you tested through a practice known as Volhards "Puppy Aptitude Test." This test will also help you better decide which puppy would be the best fit for your family and life style. What we do is we will add up the puppies entire score and average it out for you. Puppies averaging in the 3's are the perfect pet with high energy, good with people, needs lots of exercise and of course always training in obedience. An average score of even 4.2 would be the perfect pet. Any score creeping in the 4.7 average range, would be a perfect puppy for an elderly person with no children as this puppy would be more shy and fearful that needs a home where environment does not change. If you are interested more about the Volhards "Puppy Aptitude Test" simply google it or head on over to and search for it, as you will find it there. 

The puppies will be ready to head home at 9 weeks of age and will of had all of their vaccinations done at that time and will be micro-chipped as well. We do expect you to take your puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours after you receive your puppy for it's overall health check. If the puppy is going out of state, we will get the health check done for you which will be valid for only 10 days. Please follow your Veterinarians recommendations at that time. 

In general, the focus and goal of our kennel besides priding ourselves with brains, beauty, and genetically sound Australian Shepherds while also adhering to ASCA's breeding standards, is to also focus on titling our dogs as well. Titling our dogs shows their overall performance abilities, gives them a lifestyle they love and showing their bid-ability, and it's fun!

Central Oregon also focuses on temperament, soundness & versatility as well. We are always striving to meet breeding standard excellence and will always be here for every buyer that purchases from our kennel throughout your puppies lifetime. We will be here to answer any questions you have or for any support you may need at anytime. Purchasing one of our puppies, we consider you family and welcome you to our pack!


If you're looking for a pure breed Australian Shepherd, you too can help with the over population of dogs by only supporting a responsible "hobbyist" breeder, breeding Standard Australian Shepherds can choose to support a puppy mill who has many litters per year which makes it obvious they are only in it to generate income due to greed. This type of breeder is NOT helping with the over population of dogs we already have, so by you making the right choice in where you purchase your next puppy makes a huge difference if you're really looking for a quality dog. 

We look forward to you making the right choice by purchasing from our kennel, why?

1. We focus on improving the bred by following ASCA's breeding standards.

2. We focus on annual eye exams conducted by an Ophthalmologist with ALL of our breeding stock and the results are made available on our website anytime you wish to take a look.

3. We participate in ASK & TELL in supporting Toby's foundation of ANY of our dogs who test negative on various diseases so that they can record that information as it's important in recording if a breeder is truly focused on keeping our breed as healthy as possible. If a breeder does not know what this is, consider it a red flag!

4. We do ALL the genetic panels testings with Paw Print Genetics on ALL of our breeding stock for the common genetic inheritable diseases that the Australian Shepherds can inherit. So that our buyers are well informed of any possible genetic issues your puppy may encounter down the road. According to Lisa Shaffer (CEO) with Paw Print Genetics - "If a breeder does not do genetic testing on their dogs, how do they know what they have?"

Central Oregon has adjusted their overall breeding program to include the Tri-Smith Aussies as the foundation to our breeding program. We will offer both limited and full registrations for the Tri-Smith  lines.  

The Smarty & Roxy Litters will be sold on Limited Registrations only. We are hoping for as many litters as we can with this cross until we eventually can obtain a well sound Bitch with excellent temperament to add to our overall breeding program. Roxy, as with any Bitch will be spayed when she can no longer handle any more litters. We will always do what is best for the dog when it comes to breeding. The cross between these two dogs is outstanding and we could not be any happier with what they both produced so far with their first litter. Roxy is a solid dog with her best feature being her chest and Smarty has already proven himself as it's shown throughout his titles and pedigree.   

5. We get ALL of our dogs OFA'd for both hips and elbows for any possible "Hip" and or "Elbow Dysplasia." The best any breeder can do is at least test for dysplasia and if a test comes back as positive to the disease, then the responsible thing to do would be to either spay/neuter the dog. 

6. We love, care and treat ALL of our dogs as our family. We have placed lots of thought, time and finances to create the best living space we can create for them with what we have. Many hours are spent and other people involved in helping us create their perfect paradise. We do feel we have a functional set up that allows them to come and go as they please as we have a doggy door they run in and out of all the time from the kennel room to the doggy play area outside that is completely fenced in. The kennel area is filled with sand that is kept up throughout the day as needed to maintaining its cleanliness which provide them a fun active lifestyle they all can enjoy. Our home here is temporary until we are able to purchase a farm in the near future. Then this home will be made available on the airbnb website for those who come down to our area for any of the AKC and or ASCA venues looking for a place to stay. It's the perfect dog house. 

Our current breeding stock:

1. Sire: UKC Champion Tri-Smith Paint the Town DNA-VP "Griffiti." Avail for Stud to approved Bitches.

2. Dam: IABCA IntCH Roxy Pierce DNA-VP.

3. Dam: Tri-Smith Lake Over In Georgia "Towanda." 2/2020

Mini's or Toy Aussies are NOT Australian Shepherds!

The Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds (or North American Shepherds)

It is our responsibility to educate potential buyers about the rise or movement to breed miniature and toy "versions" of the Australian shepherd in that they are crossbred designer dogs bred solely for profit.

The Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds (or North American Shepherds)

Are NOT recognized OR considered varieties of the Australian Shepherd by the following organizations. They may be able to enter e.g., With AKC, as a mixed breed dog would need to enroll into their "Canines Partner Program." but it doesn't mean just because they are in AKC event that they are Australian Shepherds.

  • The American Kennel Club
  • The United Kennel Club
  • The Australian Shepherd Club of America
  • Continental Kennel Club, Inc.

Since these dogs are NOT AKC, UKC, ASCA or CKC they cannot be verified as purebred, and therefore are not considered Australian shepherds!

Central Oregon Australian Shepherds beliefs & Philosphoy's

Both my husband and I are hobby breeders breeding beautiful Australian Shepherds in Bend Oregon. We both enjoy our life together raising these beautiful dogs and watching them grow and being part of the Australian Shepherd community while also actively campaigning our breeding stock as well.  

My husband is already retired from one career he spent 30 years at. After his retirement we moved to Bend, Oregon from Portland, Oregon to retire. He soon realized the need for Bus Drivers within our new community so he decided to work for the Bend/Lapine School District. 

With the support of my husband, I'm also retired and fortunate enough to be a stay at home dog Mom raising the bred we both love while also having an active lifestyle with our breeding stock.   

We are not a breeder who breeds for profit by having many litters down on the ground available for buyers to buy due to demand. Our integrity as a Breeder is extremely important to us by focusing on breeding for the better while also producing a well rounded balanced dog with great temperament and structure. Our dogs are great companions while also having strong herding and guardian instincts. We also provide all of our buyers a lifetime of breeder support! 

We cannot wait until you join our pack!

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Breeders will ALWAYS have the option to ANY litter as to 1st puppy pick position!

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