UKC-CH Tri-Smith Paint The Town DNA-VP

Call Name: Graffiti

Registered name: Tri-Smith Paint The Town DNA-VP

Photo credit (all 3 images shown) by: Talena Smith

Versatility bred!

Sound, Clean Moving Dog of Moderate Bone, Coat and Size!

UKC Champion & Major Pointed ASCA

Both Sire & Dam are required to test for Brucellosis

Graffiti standing at Stud to approved Bitches. 

Since Graffiti is Clear/Clear on his entire genetic panel through Paw Print Genetics with the exception of the HSF4, the Bitch would only be require to complete the HSF4 genetic test because assuming worst case if the Bitch did not complete the NHEJ1, CNGB3, PDK4, SLC2A9,  MDR1, BEST1, NCL2 or the PRCD the litter outcome would be carriers and that is okay. The Bitch must have her hips and elbows evaluated for Dysplasia and that documentation must be made available through the OFA website to review at anytime. We will only accept Good or better on her results, NOT fair results! Graffiti's results for his hips are good and his elbows are normal. Feel free to check at The Bitch must also have a current Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) completed within a year of the planned breeding by a local "American College of Veterinary Opthomologist and recorded in the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) clinical database by visiting  

Our breeding Stud Fee starts at $1000 for a well established breeder who has already proven themselves and their kennel as being a responsible breeder who really takes extra steps to ensure breeding for the better and that their puppies are placed in good homes. If a newer breeder is working themselves up to becoming a well known established responsible breeder but does not have any of their dogs titled but wants to head in that direction, then your stud fee will be a bit higher as you would need to prove yourself first as everyone has to start out somewhere. We do this to simply weed out those who may think this is for them but then later realize that it's not. Everyone's time is valuable so we don't want to waste your time or ours. We want to set a good example in creating a valuable healthy and fun relationship with those who have the same interest as we do, which is to always breed for the better! We are always happy to work with others who are as dedicated and serious as we are with the breed we all love. WE are NOT interested in working with those who have no desire in titling their dogs as we feel it is important to prove the beauty, quality and intelligence of the dog through titles. These dogs and their lovable handlers work very hard in earning their titles. They are proven dogs who earn respect, as they are the best of the best.     

Please contact us for more information as this is the minimum requirements for approval. If you use PennHip, that is fine as well. Just simply send us over that documentation. We will also require you to have each Buyer register their puppy through ASCA under at least the basic membership so that we can at least try to keep track of the Buyer in case contact is needed. We also would like to see the puppies get Micro-chipped through Home Again. 

We do not provide stud service fees for those who are outside of the United States. We always have the right to refuse or decline stud services to anyone if we feel uncomfortable in doing so. 

To find out more about Brucellosis, click the link below. 

Graffiti's Genetic Test Results

Simply click the link above to review his test results.


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