Smarty is from the HOF Pat Lambeth of Little Spot Kennels

We would first like to thank Brittany with Hillside Australian Shepherds for seeing the mating compatibility between Roxy and Smarty. It is always important that we look at temperament first, conformation second and then of course comparing OFA's Annual Eye Certs and the genetics for mating compatibility. It was the perfect match. Even though Smarty has proven him self already as a stock dog, Roxy is soon on her way towards her Agility career.  2019 we are hoping she will have earned some titles. She is currently in ongoing Agility classes with BADD of Bend and is continuing practice off site as well. When we originally met Brittany and Smarty we notice right off how easy going he was and that his overall conformation was excellent as he did take "Reserve Winners Dog" on February 2011 in the conformation arena. Both Smarty and Roxy have great conformation and incredible focus. We believe the sport Roxy will excel in would be Stock Dog work just like Smarty and Agility. We decided to start with Agility first.

The two, took fancy to each other so it was a love at first sight. Brittany "his owner" told us that he is very focused and extremely biddable and that both Smarty and Roxy are a lot alike. Brittany says "Roxy is her kind of girl." 

We would also like to thank Pat Lambeth for her support and entrusting one of her dogs into our overall breeding program with our small kennel. Pat's HOF Kennel is in California called Little Spot who breeds stock dogs capable in many areas. Smarty has earned his WTCH, STDs, STDc, STDd, OTDs, OTDd, ATDs, RN, RA, OTDC, ATDd an ATDc and his Rally Advanced title as well. The puppies from this crossing are perfect for the family looking for a performance dog to compete or a dog for an active family.      

We also looked at improving Roxy's pasterns as well which was another reason it was the perfect fit. Finding the imperfections of your dog and recognizing that, is what makes their offspring better which is improving the breed. The other feature we saw in Smarty was his incredible nature and the fact that he is already 10 years old with no health issues.


If you do choose a "Smarty and Roxy" pup, don't be surprised if someone comes up to you and ask's you if you have a "Smarty" pup as he is more recognized within the community due to all of his earned titles. 

Snapshot of Smarty's first two generations

Smarty's 1st Generation

  1. Father/Sire: WTCH CH Little Spot Spector DNA-VP JS-N
  2. Mother/Dam: Gearharts Ecstatic Bella

Smarty's 2nd Generation

  1. Grandfather/Grand Sire (fathers side): WTCH45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDCs, RTDcs
  2. Grandmother/Grand Dam(fathers side): Double Image at Little Spot STDcds
  3. Grandfather/Grand Sire (mothers side): HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP
  4. Grandmother/Grand Dam (mothers side) Gearharts Grand Truffle STDs, HRD2s, DNA-VP 

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ASCA Awards Smarty Earned & IABCA Judge's Critique on Roxy

Roxy earned her International Championship at the 2017 Evergreen Autum Sieger IABCA Show up in Washington. We have provided the judge's critique showing how she earned 3-V1's for her Championship. Like I have said, Roxy is old school and has excellent conformation and a beautiful chest which one of the judges said we have lost this in the breed and need to bring it back. 

Smarty's genetic test results he cleared!

Smarty's test results for the following...Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA or NHEJ1), Hereditary Cataracts mutation/Bilateral Cataracts (HSF-4), Late onset eye disease (PRCD-PRA) and MDR1 Sensitive towards medication (Ivermectin) which Smarty is ALL CLEAR OF!