Choosing your puppy?

In general, you should know by the time you complete the puppy application of the color/combo and gender of the puppy you wish to have. If you have not told us in the puppy application on your second option/choice as to your 2nd preference of color/combo and gender, please let us know now! We of course do not recommend selecting your puppy this way however, what is best is to determine which puppy will be best for you and your family by really reviewing and making your decision based on our Volhards puppy aptitude (PAT) test we complete for our Buyer's at 8 weeks of  age to be reviewed on our Central Oregon Pack's (COP's) private Facebook page. Puppy picks happen after we complete this test and happen in chronological order in which we have received your Puppy Application / non-refundable deposits.  Puppies go home no earlier than 9 weeks of age. 

Since we have both herding lines and show lines within our kennel, you will need to decide what level of energy you wish your dog to have as there is a difference. You should know by now that Australian Shepherds are very active dogs with lots of energy but like I mentioned above there are differences within these energy levels between each puppy. Which again, you will be able to see this with our Volhards testing videos we provide our Buyer's. These dogs are always looking for a job to do and not every Australian Shepherd will have natural instincts to herd if that is what you are looking for.

The Volhards test is testing each puppy at 8 weeks old to help you evaluate which puppy you think would be best for you and your family. We will place a stranger to the dogs (who will be someone we choose) in an unfamiliar testing area that the puppy has never seen or been at which will more than likely be our outdoor deck to do the testing for us on our testing day. We of course know who the stranger is but the puppies do not. 

Once the testing has been completed, we will send you their test results via email back to you and prior to this, if you're subscribed to our email you should have been sent a newsletter explaining to you what each testing score means. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter and are purchasing a puppy from us, please contact us so that we can add you to our newsletter as this is our form of communication with you as to what's happening next with the puppies.

When the 8th week "Volhards Puppy Aptitude Test" video starts, each test on each puppy will be in the order as shown below. 

Socializing with others

  1. The willingness to follow a person
  2. Testing for dominance or submissive tendencies
  3. Testing of social dominance with a stranger
  4. Testing of any degree of dominance with a person in that they have no control, like at your Veterinarians office
  5. Testing each puppy to see how they react to retrieving items from a person
  6. Testing their touch sensitivity
  7. Testing their sound sensitivity
  8. Testing their sight sensitivity and
  9. Testing on how they would react to sudden sounds from unfamiliar objects.  

*By the time the 8th week rolls around, you will probably have a pretty good idea of which dog you like especially since you have already seen 7 weeks of puppy videos at our (COP'S) Facebook page. On the 9th week you can then finalize which puppy you choose in the order of course we have received the Puppy Application / non-refundable reservation deposits. Sometime during this week, you will need to let us know which puppy you have determined is yours. We will send out a newsletter requesting this in detail.

So you want a puppy? Take a seat:)

Complete our Puppy Application so that we can determine the Australian Shepherd is the right type of dog for you and that you're the right fit for the Breed! We are the puppies only voice in helping to insure you both are the right fit for each other. Please be sure to read the Questions and Answers page as many of the questions you may have will already be answered for you there before completing the puppy application.

Our next planned litter will be of course a Smarty X Roxy crossing a NEW YEARS Litter 2019! Make sure to read up on the "Smarty & Roxy's Litters" tab under the more section above in the navigation area. The buyer's of this litter needs to be an active pet home since the crossing of these two dogs come from stock dog lines and will have either medium to high energy levels and or drives.