Questions & Answers

Cost/Deposit questions

Q: What happens if I paid for my puppy in advance and the puppy dies before I received it or if the puppy combination I originally wanted does not happen?

A: We will give you a full refund which includes the initial $250 "Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit."

Q: If I reserve a puppy and pay the required $250 down and change my mind, is my money refundable?

A: No refunds, sorry! We need to know you are serious about your purchase with us and both of our time is valuable to us.

Q: Will I be required to start up a Membership with ASCA or AKC? 

A: Only with ASCA. If you have purchased your puppy on the "Limited Registration" we need to list you as the Owner and us as the Co-Owners until you have spayed or neutered said dog. Once said dog has been spayed or neutered, we will remove our name from the registry but not until we are guaranteed that the dog has been spayed and or neutered.  

Q: When I pay my $250 non refundable deposit down on my puppy, when is the rest of the balance due?

A: The day you pick up your puppy. 

Q: Are you negotiable on the price of your puppies? 

A: No we are not so don't ask! Because we focus our breeding program on ASCA's breeding standards and the genetics to provide our buyers the healthiest puppies as possible, we are not negotiable on price. We do all we can to insure healthy puppies which involves great detail and education to keep on top of the genetic hereditary defects this breed faces. It is our responsibility as breeders to do all we can to help prevent the possibility of the disease to continue spreading. We test all of our dogs within our kennel through Paw Print Genetics. These results are listed under each dogs name in the navigation area on the top of each page. Simply look for the big blue logo that says "View My Profile on Paw Print Pedigrees."

Other cost's involve time spent with the puppies helping with their socialization skills before they go home with you, veterinarian exams and visits, registering the litters with ASCA and or AKC so that the new buyers can apply for papers, the cost of good quality food (Diamond, Lamb & Rice), obtaining radio-graphs (X-Rays) to obtain OFA/OFEL certificates clearing breeding stock from Hip and Elbow Displasia issues. Annual eye examinations from an Ophthalmologist on all Sires and Dams. Annual vaccinations of breeding stock and puppies before they go home. This includes regular de-worming, docking puppies tails, declawing, health certificates for out of state transportation regulations (if flying or professional transport), Microchipping with Home Again, flea control, all necessary supplies needed for birthing and or stud fees if applicable. Our Veterinarian recommends Comfortis which is a chew-able tablet instead of Frontline, as they say the fleas have become immune to Frontline. 

Some breeders may not have a breeding program that focuses on the genetics which is why their dogs may be offered at a lower cost or they may simply not believe in the genetics. For what ever reason they have does not matter. We believe in the genetics and our goals are to do all we can in providing you the healthiest puppy possible. We will of course try to keep the cost down as much as we can but again, it is our number one priority in providing you the healthiest puppy as possible to our buyers. All we want is a happy healthy puppy's and a happy buyers as well.   

Q: What is the cost of your puppies? 

A: This depends on what you intend to do with the dog? If you are NOT looking to breed the dog, then our contract will be on a limited registration which you will be required to get the dog spayed/neutered no earlier than 10 months of age but no later than 2 1/2 years old. We will also require you to register your puppy with ASCA and or AKC as well and because we are so awesome, we will pay for it! Limited registration contracts are $1200.00. If you are looking to bred the dog, then our contract will be on a Full Registration which you will be required to actively pursue titles through either ASCA, AKC, UKC  etc. See contract. Full Registration are at $1700.00 

Are you new with today's technology on how you pay for items you want with ApplePay? 

It is a new technology called Near Field Communication or (NFC). This enables you to allow two devices to communicate with each other in making your purchase like with one of our puppies through our Square device. The Apple pay is currently available for the following phones. iphone6, iphone6 plus, iphone SE. iphone7, iphone 7 plus and of course the Apple watch. How do I get this set up with ApplePay? We made this easy for you. Simply click on the bottom link as we do offer this form of payment on our puppies. If you would like to use our Pay Pal "Fast Checkout" and don't have a Pay Pal account, it's okay because it will allow you to either log into your Pay Pal account OR pay with your debit card. Here is the link to click if you do want to set up a Pay Pal Account.

Q: How do puppy picks work out since you also have a policy in place that allows a buyer to bump someone out of their current "Temporary" puppy pick position if they are purchasing two puppies from the same litter?

A:  If there are buyers who have placed a Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit down on a single puppy, they have temporarily secured their puppy pick position. What this means is...we will provide each buyer their "Temporary" puppy pick position in the order we receive their Non -Refundable Reservation Deposits. E.g., if Annie pays her $250 Non-Refundable Deposit down 1st before ANYBODY ELSE on a litter, she gets 1st "Temporary" puppy pick position.  If Eddie comes along right after Annie and places his Non-Refundable Deposit down on a single puppy, he would be placed in a 2nd "Temporary" puppy pick position. I will explain "Temporary" in a minute. If Sarah comes along after Annie and Eddie, and places 2 Non-Refundable Reservation Deposits down on the same litter then she would automatically be bumped up to 1st puppy pick position over everyone else but AFTER and I say AFTER Central Oregon Aussies has had the opportunity to at least give the other buyers a 48 hour written notice alerting them to a bump degrade of their current "Temporary" puppy pick position as their has been another party expressing their desire in purchasing two dogs from the same litter. This notification will allow the other buyers who had already secured their "Temporary" puppy pick positions the opportunity in choosing the puppy they wish to buy BEFORE they are bumped down into puppy pick position. This secures them the puppy they have their eye on and wants to take home.   

This makes things clear!

In our puppy application-you have an option to choose two different kinds of Non-Refundable Reservation Deposits.

A) The "Temporary" Non - Refundable Reservation Deposit or...

B) The Secured" Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit.

The $250 "Temporary" Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit means regardless of your puppy pick position, your puppy pick position can be bumpbale by another party if they choose to purchase two dogs within our kennel on the litter you are interested in (without receiving ANY notification from Central Oregon Aussies.) When you complete the puppy application on the application itself, will explain this in great detail. When you complete the puppy application you will be asked what gender of dog you wish to have. If you decide later that you do not want to move forward with a purchase from this kennel, you lose the $250. When it comes down to puppy pick day and another party picked the puppy you really wanted by the gender you wanted and are not interested in any of the other puppies available to you, we will refund you your $250.  As we don't want you to be forced to purchase a puppy you're not interested in.

 The $250 "Secure" Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit means that regardless of your puppy pick position NOBODY can bump you out of your original puppy pick position. If you decide to back out of purchasing a dog for ANY reason what so ever, you will not get any sort of refund. Once you chose the "SECURE" Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit, it's gone! You won't get it back for any reason. 

Q: If we sense that a Buyer is dissatisfied with our services who has already place a Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit Down on a litter. Central Oregon Aussies has the right to notify this party and provide them a 48 hour notice as to refunding their "Temporary" Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit back to them so that Central Oregon Aussies can free up their "Temporary" Puppy Pick Position for another Buyer. 

Central Oregon Aussies reserves the right to refuse to do business with anyone they feel would not be the right fit for one of our puppies or if we feel that a person is not going to move forward with their purchase with our kennel after placing their "Temporary" Non Refundable Reservation Deposit Down who is not happy with our services to only hold up a "Temporary" Puppy Pick Position. If we feel this is the case, we will provide you a 48 hour written notice asking you of your position. 1. Are you intending to complete a puppy purchase with Central Oregon Aussies or 2. Are you requesting for a refund of your "Temporary" Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit because you are unhappy with our services?  If we do not hear of a response within 48 hours, the potential buyers will loose their "Temporary" Puppy Pick Position and their $250 deposit will be refunded. 

The 48 hour written notice will be emailed to you by the email you provided us in your initial puppy application. 

Re-Homing puppy questions

Q: What happens if I later decide that the puppy I purchased from your kennel does not fit well into my home or that I find out later that it's just not going to work out for me other than genetic health reasons. Are you willing to take the dog back and if so, how much of my money if any, would I get back? 

A: In the event of said puppy needing to be returned due to health. Buyer agrees to return said puppy and registration papers to Breeder and in exchange, Breeder will replace said puppy with one of equal or better quality from Breeder's next litter.

A: In the event after taking possession of said puppy, the Buyer no longer wants to keep said dog for any reason other than a genetic problem of said dog, dog will be returned by the Buyer with a signed registration papers to said Breeder. 

Please review our detailed contract. Please make sure you read and understand this stipulation within our contract because you will also NOT be allowed to relinquish this dog to a pound, animal shelter, animal rescue or veterinarian. It is an absolute VIOLATION and BREACH of the contract! We will be the one who determines re-homing the puppy.

Please also take the time and READ the link below "Is an Australian shepherd right for you?"   

Q: Will you at any point in the dogs life take the dog back? 

A: Of course, they are family!

Health Guarantee questions

Q: What source of health guarantee is given on your puppies?

A:This is a great question and most likely you will get different answers from various breeders, as each breeder has their own opinion which is fine so here is mine. In general, nobody really can predict what hereditary defects we all will inherit from even our descendants let alone a dogs? So the quick answer to this question is actually quiet simple, there is no guarantee! It's simply unrealistic; however, we as breeders can attempt to do all we can to help reduce known genetic diseases within our breed as well as the eye issues and dysplasia this breed can face as well. The environment that you and your puppy are in also play an important role to your dogs overall health. Since we do many test's on our dogs which include annual eye exams through an Ophthalmologist, hip and elbow radio-graphs and genetic testing, my recommendation to you, just don't take somebodies word for it, get the proof! 

Our proof is right here on our website!

In general, your puppy will be fully guaranteed to be normal and healthy at the time you get possession of your puppy. 

We also guarantee that the puppy you purchase from us will be Hip and Elbow dysphasia free.  Per our contract, you will be given 30 months (if you wish) to get your dog x-ray'd by a qualified Veterinarian who is a certified canine orthopedic specialist or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) in determining if your dog is dysplastic or not. Certification must be done prior to 30 months of age to be guaranteed and is not valid for any types of injury or geriatric changes.

We also guarantee that your puppy is free from hereditary eye defects. This guarantee is not valid for any injury to the eye (s) or geriatric changes and (if you wish) to have your dogs eyes check, it must be examined by 2 different certified canine Opthomologists and have the disease written on the bottom of the exam form prior to 30 months of age. 

PAW PRINT GENETICS: You will be able to review each dog within OUR KENNELS full genetic test results under each of  the dogs pages above in the navigation areas at the top of every page. With the technology we have today, it really helps breeders such as ourselves to help reduce hereditary genetic defects within this breed. When you get a chance to take a look at their results, you will notice some acronyms such as M/N or N/N etc. M=Mutant and N=Normal. So M/N means that the dog has one mutation and N/N would mean that the dog has no mutation and that they are normal/normal. If both Sire and Dam are N/N on any one genetic defect, this means that their offspring will be N/N as well (clear). In this case, we would be able to offer you a Clear by Parentage Certificate (for registered litters and crossings done within our own kennel) stating in writing that your puppy will be free from that particular hereditary defect all because of genetic testing. If we hire a stud for one of our Bitch's outside of our kennel and that stud (in the case of Smarty) had their genetic test's done at another lab, then we cannot fully guarantee it because their testing was done at a different lab. So basically, if the Sire and the Dam have been both genetically tested with our preferred lab which is Paw Print Genetics, and they are both clear of any one genetic mutation, then yes the guaranteed is valid. 

If you have a breeder who is telling you they will provide you a guarantee without any written proof and that makes you feel comfortable, by all means go ahead with your purchase through that breeder if you're comfortable with them not testing the genetics of the dog your are investing in.  All I'am saying here is that I have done my research and according to the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute (ASHGI) "Anyone who claims that their dogs lines have absolutely no inherited problems is inexperienced, ill-informed or may be misleading you. If someone has been breeding for a long time, has produced many litters, and still claims never to have produced any problems whatsoever, walk away."  Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. Puppy Buyer Health Questions.  Web. 24 Oct. 2017.

Orthopedic Foundation of Animals: Hip Dysplasia (HD) can actually be found in all dog breeds, not just the Australian Shepherds and according to ASCA "Why is (HD) such a concern? Lameness varying from slight to very severe crippling can occur, usually between six months to a year or in the dogs older years. Some dogs never show lameness at all but have the disease. these dogs can run and jump but carry the disease and can pass it on to their offspring. HD can only be diagnosed with X-Rays taken by a competent Veterinarian after the dog is past its second birthday." 

We get all of our dogs tested after they are two years old and have these test results recorded with the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. These types of test require X-Rays to be done verses swab testings for the genetic testings conducted by Paw Print Genetics. Some Breeders may not do these testings on their dogs because it's to expensive. We do because it is important to us to not only provide our buyers the healthiest puppies as possible but because it's the right thing to do and we care about our puppies. 

If you choose to go with a breeder who offers you a puppy for cheaper, don't think you are getting a good deal because more than likely you're getting a puppy with some possible inheritable genetic disease which will only offer you heartache down the road.  Be smart about who you purchase your dog from because you don't want to set yourself up for another sad story as we all hear to many times. 

Again, we always make it easy for our buyers to check on our breeding stocks test results. Our test results can be found on our website here or by visiting Simply type in their registered names. 

We have an open door policy giving our buyers the option of a free puppy from any of our registered litters with proper as stated above supporting your claim indicating the dog as  (HD). We will then open our open door policy to then 1. If your dog has become dysplasic 30 months after our signed contract and after returning said puppy and registration papers to seller, we offer you a free puppy but again after we have received proper documentation as stated above, OR 2.The Buyer has the option to keep said dog and then pay $350 for another puppy of equal quality or better from said breeders next litter, but again showing proof as stated above OR 3. There is the option that it may be in the best interest to euthanize the dog by a qualified Veterinarian paid by the buyer and a replacement puppy of equal quality or better will be given from said breeder's next litter at no cost again after providing proper documentation listed above. 

This guarantee excludes environmental causes, various injury types and geriatric changes. We encourage you to contact us because this information is extremely valuable to our overall breeding program should your dog every become dyspastic. This sends us back to the drawing board to re-evaluate our breeding program which helps us to maintain the reduction or the incidences of their dysplastic hereditary defects. Responsible breeders report this to the "International Directory of Australian Shepherd Health (IDASH) Data base which we plan to do if this ever should occur. 

This of course would be nobody's fault! We feel that this is simply the right thing to do as we try and take every effort we can in providing our clients healthy puppies but like I mentioned earlier, nobody has a crystal ball in predicting whether or not we as humans or dogs for that matter will or will not inherit inheritable genetic diseases from our descendants. 

Q: Is there any age limit for guaranteeing hereditary defects? 

A: No and again, the buyer is assuming all medical responsibility as of the date of the sale of your puppy. Please make sure you read and understand all the hereditary defects an Australian Shepherd can inherit.

Q: What vaccinations will my puppy have done before I get to take him/her home?A: 1. They will be de-wormed. 2. DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, and Parovirus. 3. Bordetella, a bacteria infection that is primarily the cause of kennel cough. It can occur alone or in combination with other respiratory problems. Their tails will be doc'd and dewclaws removed. They will also get micro-chipped as well. Then between the age of 11-12 weeks, you will want to take your puppy in to your veterinarian office to get their Leppto Vaccine and their booster vaccines etc. making sure to of course take your puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours after picking him up at our kennel. 

Q: Do you declaw your puppies?

A: Yes we do. This is actually a choice the breeder has. We do it because their thumbs can't get snagged on things during their lifetime. Which can cause them unwanted pain and unwanted medical bills for the new owner. According to Dr. Emily Bemrose, this is an easy procedure. 

Q: Tell me in simple terms, what does all this genetic stuff mean?

A: When you are reviewing our Sire (s) and Dam (s) ​"View My Profile on Paw Print Pedigrees" on each dogs page, what you will be looking for is that at least one of the dogs (doesn't matter..either the Sire or Dam) needs to be clear in order for their offspring to NOT BE AFFECTED! This is what you want! Or sometimes the breeder will test ALL of the puppies in the litter so that you know in advance should let's say the Sire has two mutations and the Bitch has one mutation. Breeders do have the option of testing all puppies in this case, to show that they are clear or a carrier. Being a carrier is okay, you just don't want a dog with two mutations. A dog can be bred with two mutations but we as breeders simply have to check those that are affected. That would be left to us breeders to handle. You want to see the top mating combinations shown below. Clear x clear or Clear x Carrier or Clear x affected which tells you that the offspring will NOT be affected in these scenarios. 

CO- Aussies Policy's

Q: What is the policy for naming my new puppy?

A: You will need to have our kennel prefix of CO-at the very beginning portion of the registered name.  There is 30 characters available with ASCA for the registration name. Our kennel prefix uses only 3 which gives you plenty of room to add to your puppies registered name. We do plan to have the paper work all completed at time of delivery of puppy so this gives you plenty of time to think about the registered name way in advance. If you need more space, ASCA will charge an additional $20 which we will need to collect from you in order to submit the paper work to ASCA. CO- will pick up the registration fee but again, if you need more space you will be responsible for that fee extra cost.   

Q: Are you going to require that I register my puppy with ASCA?

A: Yes and all you need to do is sign the registration paper work completed prior to you arriving to pick up your puppy. CO- pays for the registration because we would like to keep in contact with you as we feel you are part of our family and we want to see how our puppy is doing from time to time. It is important for the future generations of our lines.  If you're purchasing on a limited registration, CO-Aussies name will also appear on the registration paperwork as  an owner until you are able to get the dog spayed/neutered, then we will remove our name from it's registration as a co-owner to said dog.

On a different note, there is also a Service Membership with ASCA which is your basic membership that's only $10 that you can choose to pay for and become a member if you wish. This membership is for one who rarely uses ASCA's registry services. If you plan to compete in ASCA trials, this is the perfect membership for you. 

There are however more shows and venues with AKC. If for instance, any of our litters that are only ASCA registered and you are a very active performance home, you can still enter the dog from our kennel that is only ASCA registered only because any puppy going home on a Limited Registration to an active performance home will be required to get said dog spayed/or neutered before we can release our name off as co-owner of said dog. AKC will accept ASCA registered only Australian Shepherds to participate in any AKC venue so long as they are spayed/neutered. You will need to request an ILP/PAL number from AKC.  Please copy this into your browser for more information. 


Q: Once I take my puppy home, will I be taking full medical responsibility for my puppy?

A: Yes! Every home has a different environment, so every puppy's health will be determined upon the environment in which they live. You, the buyer are assuming ALL medical responsibility for the puppy the day you sign our contract which will be on the deliver date of the contract. Please make sure you understand the possibly hereditary defects the Australian Shepherds can inherit.  

Q: Since a $250 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to reserve my puppy, when is the balance due? 

A: Since we will not allow the puppies to go home until the 9th week, we do expect you to pay for the remaining balance through our website 1 week before you come to pick up your puppy or when the puppy turns 8 weeks of age. You of course have the option to pay cash upon pick up as well. You will be required to pick up your puppy no later than 9 weeks old.  

Q: Will I received rights to breed my dog?

A: We offer both Limited Registrations at $1200 and Full Registrations at $1700. It does not matter what color combo or eye color as we wanted it pretty straight forward. Whether you purchase on a limited or full registration, there will be a contract written up. For those who are purchasing on a Limited Registration, you will be required to spay/neuter your puppy before we will release our names off of the ASCA registration papers. The link below talks about how it's safer to spay/neuter your dog at 18 months but because the Australian Shepherd is more on the smaller side of being a medium dog, Aussies tend to be done growing between 10-12 months old. In this case, we do not recommend it prior to 10 months of age but do require it to be done by age 2 1/2 years old. 

Q: Is Central Oregon Aussies active members of the American Shepherd Club of America?

A: Yes and we will be listed with them as as an Australian Shepherd Breeder here late 2018.

Q: Do you have certain requirements of buyers before you allow them to purchase a puppy from your kennel?

A: Yes! You will need to take a seat and fill out our puppy application. Up in the navigation area, it's over in the more section. We encourage you to complete the puppy application before placing a $250 non refundable reservation deposit down on a puppy. We do have the right to decide not to sell a puppy to a potential buyer if we feel for any reason that it just is not a good fit. We are not trying to be mean in anyway. It's just, we as breeders know what will or will not be a good fit. The puppies have no voice, so they depend on us to make the right decision for them and their forever home. 

Q: Why am I required to read your entire website? 

A: You are required to read our entire website because we don't want there to be any miscommunication or misunderstandings to our agreement. By doing so, you may also generate other questions for us that you may not thought about. If you have read the entire website and you still have some questions, please ask those questions when you are completing the puppy application. This way we can be consistent with our process here at CO-

Q: Why is MDR1 discussed so much here?

A: Because if you're uneducated about the mutation, you could essentially kill your dog from the drugs that you had no idea he could be sensitive to. It will be in our contract that we have disclosed the MDR1 gene to you and                      what it means. 

Q: Why did I get denied to purchase one of (CO-) puppies?

A:  We do have the right to refuse a sale to a family that we do not think would be the right fit with no explanation. Please do not take offense as we are only trying to make the best interest for the animal as we are their only voice. Thank you for understanding:) 

Q: Do you sell your puppies to pet stores?

A: Absolutely not! Nor do we sell them to wholesalers. 

Q: What is the reason for (CO-) in offering weekly videos of your puppies?

A: This is so that our buyers can see the puppies temperaments and watch them grow. Plus it would allow the buyer to feel as though they are part of their lives before they are actually able to go home. A hint to keep in mind...the one in the corner all calm and away from others will be the calmer Aussie. The one that is all rambunctious will be the one that will be more work and active puppy. 

Other General Questions


Q: Does Central Oregon Aussies breed any other animals.

A: No we do not!  We are focused on only producing the highest quality genetically sound Australian Shepherds. We only have 2 litters per year but sometimes 3 MAX! 

Q: When do I get to take my puppy home? 9 weeks of age, no sooner than that!

Q: Will the puppies be dual registered?

A: Yes and no as it depends on the crossing of the litter. No, if from Roxy's litter. If from Griff's, Rebel, Prada or Towanda's litter, then yes! The only reason one would want dual registry is to register their dogs into events or venues for competing their dogs. Other than this, it's merely just paper work being registered with that registrar.  

Q: Will you take back the dog during anytime of the dogs lifetime if the owner decides they don't want the dog anymore?

A: Yes, of course! There will however need to be a discussion as to why?

Q: Will the puppies be all up to date on their vaccinations when I come to get my puppy?

A: Yes, we will also do an eye examination on them as well.

Q: Do you leave tails on your dogs?

A: No, we doc tails on the third day of age and at the first joint.  

Q: What is the lifespan of the Australian Shepherd?

A:  According to the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute (ASHGI) in a report done in 2009-2010 health survey, "Indicated that the average lifespan for an Aussie is about 11 years but individuals dogs have been reported to live as long as 18 years, though that is highly unusual. Average lifespan can change over time. In the late 1990's, John Armstrong of the University of Ottawa conducted a canine logevity study which included Aussies. The found that early dogs in the breed averaged 14 years while more recent (at the time of the study) dogs averaged only 12 years, largly due to an increase in cancer deaths in dogs that were not old. The health survey indicates that the trend toward reduce lifespan is continuing. " Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. Breeding FAQ's. Web. 18 Oct. 2016

Q: What does it mean when a dogs lineage is NOT AKC registered, like IntCH Roxy Pierce DNA-VP?

A:  Some Australian Shepherd breeders will disclose that their dogs are dual registered with AKC and ASCA. This should NOT be the reason you choose one breeder over the other unless you plan to enter your dog into event venues with both registrars. All this means is that their dogs lineage traces back to when AKC was accepting new registrars and since then that window has closed, nobody else can register with them. It's simply just paper work. it does not mean that just because a dogs lineage has not been registered with AKC that they are less worthy. Having all of our dogs registered with ASCA insures the integrity of the registry. Please review the ASCA links under the More tab for more information. We will pay the $10 to get your dog registered with ASCA. Both of our names will appear as the owner to the dog until you show proof that your dog has been spayed/neutered if you have purchased on a Limited Registration contract. 

Q: How do I choose the best puppy for our home from your litter of pups?

A: Finding the correct puppy for your home is essential to both of us! This is why CO Aussies keeps their puppies until they are 9 weeks of age so that the buyer can see through the videos we make available on our website posted under the themed litter name e.g., Black Tri Affair Litter . We post weekly videos of your puppy, so their will be nine weeks of videos. This will help you to see their temperament and socialization skills they have developed within our kennel.   

Q: What are the basic body colors of the Australian Shepherd?

A: There is so much to answer with the question. Please click the link below which will take you to the exact page on the ASCA website that discusses this in great detail.

Q: What is ASCA's breed standard for the height of male or female Australian Shepherds? According to ASCA " Preferred height at the withers for males is 20 to 23 inches; that for females is 18 to 21 inches, however, quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size."

Q: Is the Australian Shepherd considered a medium or large breed of dog?

A: They are considered a medium breed of dog. 

Q: What is the weight of Australian Shepherds? 

A: For males it's 55 to 75 pounds and for females it's 35 to 55 pounds.

Q: What is the life span of the Australian Shepherd? 

A) According to Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute (ASHGI) in a report done in 2009-2010 health survey, "indicated that the average lifespan for an Aussie is about 11 years but individual dogs have been reported to live as long as 18 years, though that is highly unusual.  Average lifespan can change over time.  In the late 1990s John Armstrong of the University of Ottawa conducted a canine longevity study which included Aussies.  The found that early dogs in the breed averaged 14 years while more recent (at the time of the study) dogs averaged only 12 years, largely due to an increase in cancer deaths in dogs that were not old.  The health survey indicates that the trend toward reduced lifespans is continuing." Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. Breeding FAQ's . Web. 18 Oct. 2016.

Q) What is the "Award of DNA-VP? 

A) An Award of DNA-VP titled Aussie insures the buyer that his/her Aussie is positively the offspring of the parents listed on its papers with ASCA.   

Q: At what age did you first bred Roxy?

A: 3 years old will be her very first litter which is the "Black Tri Affair" litter. We give our litters theme'd names for fun.

Q: What are some of the common infectious disease that I can talk to my Veterinarian about helping to keep my dog to live a healthy happy life?

A: The following "Immunization Schedule" we received from Rex W. Urich, D.V.M here in Bend, Oregon.

1. Rabies-Caused by a Virus that affects the brain and the central nervous system. It can be transmitted by direct contact with saliva from an infected animal, usually through a bite.

2. Distemper-A highly contagious often fatal virus. The distemper virus generally spreads through saliva, urine and feces. 

3. Hepatitis-An infectious viral disease that can lead to severe liver damage or death. Spread through contact with infected urine, this disease is very serious in puppies and older dogs.

4. Parvovirus-A highly contagious viral infection of the intestinal tract that is spread through contact with the feces of an infected dog. The disease strikes quickly and is especially dangerous for puppies.

5. Coronavirus-A highly contagious intestinal disease. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fever and dehydration.

6. Leptospirosis-A bacterial disease that impairs kidney function and can lead to kidney failure. It is transmitted by contact with the urine of infected animals. 

7. Parainfluenza-A viral respiratory infection responsible for kennel cough. Usually transmitted by contact with the nasal secretions of an infected dog. Puppies and older dogs are at a greater risk for complications than are healthy adults dogs.

8. Bordetellosis-A bacterial infection that is the primary cause of kennel cough. It can occur alone or in combination with other respiratory problems. 

9. Lyme Disease-A complex bacterial disease that causes arthritis. Deer ticks transmit this disease. Yuk!

10. Some other breeders use "Canine Health Check" an easy at home health test they do at their home that test's 150+ including all tests found on Paw Print Genetics (11 of the Australian Shepherd Panels). Why do you only do your testings through Paw Print Genetics and not "Canine Health Check" when there are so many other DNA testings that they do?

A: According to Lisa G Schaffer who is the owner of the company, "The Canine HealthCheck is our pet dog product. It tests for 150+ tests including all 11 tests found on the Australian Shepherd Panel. One important thing to remember is that only PPG customers can use Paw Print Pedigrees to show off their dogs (although the CHC results can be linked on social media like Facebook) and if you decide to now use the CHC, you have to create a separate account at for your new dogs, as they can't all be kept in your PPG account. Here are the tests on the CHC ." Also, with CHC you can't get clear by parentage certificates" which is another reason why we choose PPG because we feel it is important in giving our buyers a certificate that states their new puppy will be clear from this particular mutant so long as both the sire and dam are clear. The other factor was that we wanted to simply focus on the main panel of tests that the Australian Shepherds are know to possibly get. 

Q: What do all of the different ASCA Title acronyms mean?

A: There are different title reports such as Conformation, Rally, Stock dog, Agility, Obedience, Tracking etc...that they can earn titles under. Right now CO Aussies is focused in earning title for our breeding stock under the Conformation, Obedience, Agility and Stock Dog Titles (herding sheep).



A-CH-Altered Champion


BN-Beginner Novice

GN-Grand Novice

CD-Companion Dog

CDX-Companion Dog Excellent

ODX-Open Dog Excellent

UD-Utility Dog

UDX-Utility Dog Excellent

UDX-O-Utility Dog Excellent

UDX-V-Utility Dog Veterans

OTCHObedience Trial Champion

OTCH-O-Obedience Trial Champion

These are a list of some. You can find all of the title on ASCA's website. To many to list here. 

How to fill out my dog registration application?

ASCA Dog Registration Application