IABCA IntCH Roxy Pierce DNA-VP

Our Foundation Bitch

The Smarty & Roxy litter is the foundation start to our kennel with our very first litter born on May 3, 2018 themed "The Black Tri Affair" with 9 beautiful healthy puppies. Roxy is a sound moving bitch of rich clear dark color, moderate coat and adequate boned.   

ASCA's Registered Name: Roxy Pierce DNA-VP

Roxy has taken some obedience classes and Agility classes to to get a better sense of what she would be good at and of course what she likes and especially what she would excel in. The outcome, would definitely be the conformation arena, agility, obedience and possibly Rally as well as perusing her titles with Dawna at  PSR down south which is scheduled for in 2019. 

In the beginning as we were watching her grow, she was lacking confidence which originally was thought to be a temperament issue and is why we waited on breeding her but after having her evaluated by a "Certified Dog Trainer" the trainer confirmed that the issue was NOT a temperament issue. The issue with her was simply a lack of confidence. And in actuality, a lot of what she was going through was because of me, her handler. I guess I'm to nervous with her which trailed down to her lead which made her nervous. Now that we both have built up some confidence with each other, we are now able to pursue other activities with success. Roxy does show at times her natural reservation as Australian Shepherds are known to do.  

Since Roxy's  pedigree on her moms side is mostly from Neely Ranch, she DOES NOT have the typical traits that other Neely Ranch dogs might have if you're familiar with the dogs from that Kennel. Roxy is different!  Roxy's Conformation was proven to meet ASCA Standards at a recent show back in 2017 hosted by the "International All Breed Canine Association  (IABCA) by earning her International Championship and also having her overall conformation looked at by our mentors, the Tri-Smith girls who have been breeding for over 35 years who will soon be a HOF Kennel in the near future. The only thing Roxy lacks is simply paper work, being that her pedigree shows that she is from the Neely Ranch Kennel. Other than that, Roxy is  sound, clean moving and is a great dog who has the potential to finish her Championship with ASCA in the conformation arena and hopefully completing her titles with Dawn down at PSR in 2019. 

At the IABCA Show however, for us was to jump in and get our feet wet with Roxy. All of the judges were impressed by her solid chest. We actually purchased Roxy with Kyvettes Australian Shepherds in Redmond, Oregon, not by Neely Ranch. Roxy does have an edgy spunky side to her but she is completely loyal to her family and den here at Central Oregon Australian Shepherds.  This is one of the best traits we love about her. She can be protective but of course lovable at the same time once she see's you as no threat to her home.  She is an awesome dog and has proven herself apart from the other Neely dogs and even Smarty's owner says, "Roxy is her kind of girl." 

Roxy was critiqued by many of the judges who took notice of her impressive chest. The judges mentioned that for some reason the breed has lost a solid chest within our breed that we definitely need to bring back before we loose it completely. Roxy's conformation is spot on according to those critiques which is another reason we decided to bred her. By researching in finding the best stud that would compliment the cross was a challenge but we found a proven stock dog who was not only conformationally sound but who has also already proven himself such as earning the following titles., WTCH, STDs, STDc, STDd, OTDs, OTDd, ATDs, RN, RA, OTDC, ATDd an ATDc and his Rally Advanced title as well. The puppies from this crossing really need to go to active pet performance homes since both of their lines are from solid stock dog lines. The other nice quality about Mr. Smarty Pant's is that he is already 10 years old with no health problems according to his owner Brittany. 

The Smarty & Roxy crossing will always have a themed name called "The Black Tri Affair." 1st litter was born May 3, 2018. We do plan on one more litter before sending her off to PSR down south for her boarding training. We should expect the 2nd litter around New Years 2019. We have already started puppy pick positions, so if you're interested head on over to our website to place your Non Refundable Puppy Pick Reservation down on our next litter. 

Roxy's daughter who we will choose from the 2nd litter will soon follow suit in earning her Championship with ASCA in the conformation arena and in the Stock Dog arena just like her mother Roxy.  

Blue Merle w/copper & white trim. T-Locus t/t Natural Bobtail ( Normal Tail).

Pursing her Championship Title with ASCA "Conformation & PSR Stock Dog!

We have had a very educational journey with Roxy by evaluating her at various venues seeking criticism from judges and our mentors who are mentoring us making sure we really take all facts into consideration before starting the foundation to our kennel with her.

  The decision to bred her was not made overnight. We have been evaluating her for the past 3+ years to see if she was worthy of breeding  besides making a quick decision based on paper work like her pedigree. Here at Central Oregon Australian Shepherds, we always seek to breed for the better while also adhering to ASCA's standards as well.

Since Roxy's pedigree was less than perfect, we knew we had to breed her to a "Hired Stud" who was not only biddable, intelligent and proven but who also came from a Hall of Fame Kennel.

Smarty who we hired to cross with Roxy has already proven himself by earning  his WTCH, STDs, STDc, STDd, OTDs, OTDd, ATDs, RN, RA, OTDC, ATDd an ATDc and his Rally Advanced title as well. Smarty is over 10+ years old with no health issues, so we knew this would be a great cross! 

Anyone who is educated with Australian Shepherds, know's that no Australian Shepherd is perfect. Everyone of them needs some sort of improvement.

The conclusion is that Roxy has been evaluated by many people including judges, dog trainers and various mentors who have been breeding Australian Shepherd for many years. Her future will be in the conformation ring with ASCA earning her Championship along with some Stock Dog titles as well. Starting early in 2019, Roxy will be sent to the PSR Dog Team in Arizona to get professionally trained as a Stock Dog in helping her earn her Stock Dog titles. Any breeder pick puppy we choose from her litter will also follow suit. 

Roxy's best feature is her impressive chest which some judges tell us we have lost this in our breed in that we need to bring it back.

The 2018 Black Tri Affair Litter - Arrived May 3, 2018

The 2018 Black Tri Affair Litter is Roxy's first litter and is the foundation to our kennel. We chose WTCH Little Spot Smartly Painted RA DNA-VP "Smarty/" Smarty comes from HOF WTCH CH Little Spot Spector JS-N x HOF Gearharts Ecstatic Bella x HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard. Smarty's height is at 20 1/2 inches and his weight is at 45 lbs. 

We are also excited about Roxy earning her International Championship on October 22, 2017 at a show hosted by the International All Breed Canine Association and being scheduled to board at PSR early 2019 so that she can gain her herding titles with Dawna. 

 Her height is 21 inches and her weight is at 46 lbs. The judges at the International All Breed Canine Association told us that Roxy is old school and that she has something very desirable that we need to bring back into the breed which is her impressive chest. We do plan to gain her Championship through ASCA in the conformation ring as well but after she has earned her ASCA herding titles.

The Australian Shepherd is slightly longer than tall. Males weights are generally between 50 and 65 pounds. Females weights are between 40 and 55 pounds. 

The coloring from this cross we believe will be very dark and rich in color and since Smarty is not red factored they will only produce blue merles, blue self merles (no copper), black tri's and or black bi's which is why we have chosen the theme name for this litter "The Black Tri Affair." As a breeder, we do plan to keep a Bitch from one of their litters to add to our overall breeding program. This new female will follow suit of her mother. We have already chosen her ASCA's registered name which will be Central Oregon Devil Wears Prada. Call name "Prada."

Since Gearharts Ecstatic Bella and her father "Mistretta's Painted Lizard"  had blue eyes, it is a possibility that some pups from this crossing will produce blue eyes as well but we will have to wait and see. Below are images of Smarty and Roxy's first litter together. She had 9 healthy puppies, 7 males and 2 females. 

More about Smarty

Smarty comes from a HOF Kennel-Pat Lambeth of Little Spot Kennels!

Roxy (B Locus) is red factored so...

If Roxy breeds with a black bi or black tri and that stud is NOT red factored as in this case with Smarty, then they will only produce either Blue Merles with tan points (no white trim only tan points), Blue Bi's (no tan points but only white trim), Blue Merles with copper and white trim, and Self Merles (is a base color with no tan points and no white trim). black tri's or black bi's. If Roxy breeds with a red bi or red tri, then those puppies produced will be at a 25% chance that her litter will be red merles,  25% chance blue merles and 50% chance of the litter being non merles which would be red tri's or bi's" and or "black tri's or bi's." This again is if she is bred with a red-tri . 

Roxy's first time EVER herding sheep!

Roxy's genetic test results.

View Roxy's profile above by clicking it. It will take you directly to her account with Paw Print Genetics. 

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