About Smarty & Roxy

WTCH Little Spot Smartly Painted RA DNA-VP "Smarty" X Int'l CH Roxy Pierce DNA-VP

We are offering Limited Registrations "ASCA" only on this litter.

For the "Limited Registration Pet Performance" homes, you need to take note that just because this litter will be ASCA registered only, does not mean that you are not allowed to enter your puppy to an AKC event! The only event you will not be able to enter them into would be a "Conformation" event. Other than this, you will be able to enter them into all other applicable events.

It will be required that you spay/neuter your dog from this litter which gives you the right to enter them into the AKC arena for their events. What you need to request is an ILP/PAL number from AKC. 

All puppies sold on limited registrations must be spayed or neutered no earlier than the age of 10 months of age and no later than 2 1/2 years of age. It is advisable to spay or neuter as late as you can. Please seek advise from your Veterinarian. 

Once we receive acceptable documentation from your Veterinarian is when we will release our name off of the ASCA registration papers to you. 

The Non-Refundable Reservation Deposits will be placed in the priority in which we receive the deposits as to 1st puppy pick, 2nd puppy pick position and so on. By placing your deposit down secures your puppy pick position. It also shows us you are a serious buyer because of your deposit. If need be, you can also choose to forward your non refundable reservation deposit towards the next litter if the puppy you originally wanted gets picked by another buyer.   

Puppy Picks will happen at the very beginning of the 9th week. The 1st puppy pick buyer will choose their pick first. They will get a small window/hours to tell the Breeder which puppy they have chosen. This is of course after everyone has reviewed the results of the Volhards Puppy Aptitude Test. Then the Breeder will contact the 2nd puppy pick buyer who will do the same and so on until all of the puppies have been picked by all the Buyers. For more information on the Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test, see our blog section on our website.

The Breeder will have a set date as to when the earliest the puppies will be able to go home. Each Buyer will need to make arrangements with the Breeder as to when the Buyer plans to come to pick up their little bundle of joy. It would be advisable to schedule your puppies Veterinarian Health Check by this time so that you have that all pre-arranged as you are required to take them in within 72 hours after puppy pick up. 

We really feel that the Volhards Puppy Aptitude test helps our Buyers get a better sense of which puppy would be best for their family. We do this so that you have a chance to see your puppy grow over time with our weekly videos we provide on our private Facebook group to then finalize with the Volhards Puppy Aptitude Test scoring results we supply to you as to your "Final Puppy Pick" choice.

Both the Sire and the Dam of this litter both come from stockdog lines. The preferred buyer for one of these puppies would be an active pet performance home or a working ranch home. The puppies from this litter would not be for someone who wants a dog to lounge around the house all day. Someone who is a runner would be another ideal candidate for one of these puppies.